About AIWS

Everybody looks good in a tux.By the time you get to be a grownup, you may have been lucky enough to have learned a few things, such as…

  • it’s generally better to be happy than to be right
  • a long life brings blessings youth can’t imagine–and burdens youth couldn’t bear
  • people who ask you to sing never want to listen to you for more than ten minutes
  • when you make a mistake as a parent, apologize to your kid–even if the kid is still a baby, and especially if the kid has reached adulthood
  • good fences really do make good neighbors
  • when people say “How are you?” they don’t really want to know
  • your doctor, however, does want to know
  • if you wear nice cuff links and studs, nobody will suspect it’s a rented tux

I’m not on the after-dinner circuit. I’m not a talk show host, and I’ll never be a preacher.

That pretty much leaves blogging for all my memories, rants and chatter.

So here we go.

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