The Grateful Dads on Fathers Day

If all goes according to plan, The Grateful Dads (the quartet in which I am privileged to sing lead) will offer up the national anthem and a rendition of “God Bless America” at the Red Sox-Braves interleague game in Fenway Park on Sunday, as the Red Sox observe Maine Day and Fathers Day simultaneously. MPBN Radio, prompted by the first press release I’ve written since 2001, interviewed me yesterday. The interview now resides on the MPBN website with the headline Local Barbershop Quartet Lands Gig of a Lifetime.

This being New England, however, the potential fly in the ointment is the weather. The forecast for Sunday afternoon changes frequently, but it’s been nothing but variations on the theme of rain, rain, and more rain. As I write this, the forecast reads, “Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers.” Until I got the telephone call from the Red Sox on Tuesday afternoon, I didn’t care at all what Sunday’s weather might be. Ah, but what a difference an appeal to my vanity has made!

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  1. Thanks, Pattie! And thanks for the link!!

    Right now it’s an absolute downpour here in southern Maine. At least the NWS is sticking to its “50% chance of showers” story for Boston on Sunday. It could, as my Irish friends are fond of saying, be a lot worse.

  2. Oh I hope it doesn’t rain on your parade. I would send you some of our sun, but it’s raining here too.

    You are not only an excellent writer but you sing, too? Wow! I’m impressed.

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