Clouding the Issue with Facts

As of today, I’m making a real effort to revive this blog.

I know, I know. I’ve said the same thing a dozen times before, but maybe this time is different. Here’s the deal:

  • My caregiver responsibilities are mostly met, and Marge has gone back to work.
  • The longest damn winter I remember is finally over.
  • I’ve filed for Social Security and am now officially retired.

Among the things I’ve been doing is spending more time with the news. As I expected, however, this is a mixed blessing. For one thing, there is the vicious, nonstop logorrhea of the Cheneys. Today, for example, reports daughter Liz Cheney making the brainless claim that theThe Ever-Smiling Dick Cheney Obama administration is “siding with the terrorists” by releasing some details about “enhanced interrogation” during the Bush years. She says it doesn’t tell “the whole story.”

While it may be true that we still don’t have the whole story, the material being released will tell a whole lot more of the story than the Bushies ever did. Liz, like her Dad, seems to be much, much more concerned about appearances than about reality. So, now that some of the story is coming out, Cheney fille starts complaining about incomplete disclosure.

Not, you understand, that she would like complete disclosure either. Like her father, she doesn’t want any disclosure at all! None. Zero. The apple, as they say, doesn’t fall far from the tree.

By virtue of what I’ve written here, of course, I open myself to the Bush/Cheney Right’s usual hectoring condescension. In their view I somehow hate America and, worse, am “naive.” The implication is that it’s asking too much to expect POTUS (and VPOTUS) actually to live up to those cherished American ideals we hear so much about.

I beg to differ. Even Dick Nixon didn’t try to justify torturing people!

On the other hand, maybe I have been naive. So I’m done trying to be open-minded about the Cheneys. Cheney père says he prefers Rush Limbaugh (a talk radio gasbag with a drug conviction) to Colin Powell (a decorated military hero with a decades-long record of public service) as a Republican leader.

And there you have it. You are known, Mr. Cheney, by the company you keep.

5 Replies to “Clouding the Issue with Facts”

  1. Welcome back. I am so happy to hear that Marge is back to work. You have both been through a living nightmare and I am glad it’s over.

    Draft dodger Cheney would love to rewrite history, but the man is so taken with his own ideology that he doesn’t seem to be aware that he is proving himself guilty of human rights violations in his own words. One can only wish that someplace down the line he is found guilty in a court of law and held responsible.

    Cheney, who hid out for eight years now has diarrhea of the mouth. He is a nasty piece of work.

  2. Congrats on your “retirement.” It’s nice to see you up and writing again. I couldn’t agree more with your post here. I fail to see how your comments (freedom of speech) can be construed as anti-American, but then the sitting Republican Governor of the former Republic of Texas thinks it appropriate to threaten to secede (again). I hope we don’t have to repeat that history!

    It is a perpetual challenge to remain open-minded and forgiving when others see it as reason to attack because they perceive this as weakness.

  3. Oh Pete, what wonderful news. Marge in remission and you retired. I have been thinking about both of you since you began to share about her illness. May you go from strength to strength. (And to heck w Dick, George, and the others whose policies, actions, words made ill the planet).

  4. Thanks for venting so astutely about Cheney. It’s nightmarish seeing him again.

    Sounds like you and your wife have been through an ordeal, which I have not read about, and I wish you both well.

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