Rebooting the Blog

A lot of things are like this, I guess. You step out of your routine for a while. It’s hard at first, but then it gets easier. My last post here was almost four weeks ago!

For the first week, I felt vaguely guilty about it. By the second week, I began to understand the reasons why I had stopped writing. By the third week, I began to think “What the hell. It’s waited this long, it’ll wait a while longer.” By the fourth week, I began to think this blog might be dead.

Then I heard from my friend Ronni at Time Goes By. “I’ve been checking your blog now and then and nothing since 15 August. Are you okay? Is your family okay?”

Yes, and yes-although there are some stories to tell. Anyway, I’m back. And thanks for the lifeline, Ronni!

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  1. Been quiet about a week or so myself. There are just so many emotions that come up this time of year for me… Sometimes, we need to stop and contemplate within ourselves for a while, too.

    Good to see you back, though. I think Ronni keeps a lot of the elder blogger community going….

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