AdSense Nonsense

I signed up for Google AdSense and inserted it in the left column of this blog mostly just to see what it would do. For the most part, it has been surprisingly astute at picking up keywords in my posts and supplying related ads, and in a year or two I may receive my first $10 check.

Over the last couple of weeks, however, I have been seeing ads for a presidential candidate whom I do not support-the candidate of a major political party to which I do not belong. I am a Democrat. My candidate is now Obama. Yet my candidate and party do not appear in the ads.

Dark suspicions insinuate their way into my mind. Is the other party bidding high on Democratic keywords, so that if I write Democrat I get R********n? Is Google’s revenue algorithm trumping its relevancy algorithm?

Or maybe it’s just that the keyword is politics, and the Dems aren’t buying ads that fit the space on this blog. If that’s the case, please wake up, o glorious party of my choice. You can’t use the Internet just for raising money. You have to spend money here, too.

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